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The new book, The 10 Laws of Trust, is a timely and critical guide to investing in high-trust relationships and reaping remarkable gains in reputation and the bottom-line.

“Trust works to everyone’s benefit,” explains book co-author Peterson. “It benefits individual contributors, work groups, customers, suppliers, vendors — and the betterment of the whole organization.”

“High-trust organizations are focused on empowering people to do their best.” Additionally, explains Peterson, “trust is the number one leadership competency needed today, principally because of how it affects every other competency leaders need to have.”

Joel Peterson

Co-authored by David A. Kaplan, the evidence-based book covers these 10 laws of trust:

  1. Start with personal integrity
  2. Invest in respect
  3. Empower others
  4. Measure what you want to achieve
  5. Create a common dream
  6. Keep everyone informed
  7. Embrace respectful conflict
  8. Show humility
  9. Strive for win-win negotiations
  10. Proceed with care


David A. Kaplan

Other valuable takeaways from the book include:

  • The gap between what a leader says and does is at the heart of trust.
  • A leader can’t build trust on skills, charisma, and expertise alone. Trustworthy leaders show respect, consider the welfare of others, and keep their word.
  • Trustworthy leaders are intentional about “fixing things” in themselves, about receiving feedback, and about making changes based on that feedback.


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